Marketing is all about the Customer Experience


I just attended a great webinar from IBM and Social Media Today entitled “What Does Customer Experience Mean for Your Social Business?” Speaker Lineup: My Takeaway: The definition of marketing is changing - it's less of a 'thing' and more of a culture. Less about the company and more about the … [Read more...]

Is your Social Media Strategy Original?

the onion talks

This "Onion Talks" parody by The Onion is funny, as long as your not paying a company without an original thought. What is your strategy? Who do you trust to do some real thinking about it? … [Read more...]

10 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand and Platform

setting up your own blog

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, you need a personal brand separate from your work. Analogy: In the inbound marketing world, establishing a following on various channels (email, rss, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and more) makes you less dependent on the … [Read more...]

Is Your Content Marketing Planned or Spontaneous?


Is your company's content marketing strategy prepared to take advantage of Real-Time events? A great example is Oreo's "Dunk in the Dark" response to the Superbowl blackout. Oreo Cookie        ✔ @Oreo Power out? No problem. Was it luck? Maybe a little. But only … [Read more...]

Twitter Data Science Delivers Best Practices #twittersci


I thoroughly enjoyed HubSpot guru Dan Zarella's presentation about the science of Twitter. While there are many opinions regarding Twitter, it was refreshing to hear the data speak. And if you know Dan, it spoke very fast! Here are my tweets from the presentation - for more tweets, check … [Read more...]

Inbound Marketing: The What, Why, Who and How

Inbound Marketing Buzzword InfoGraphic

Remember when the Internet was new and referred to as "The World Wide Web?” You saw the "AOL Keyword" hovering in the corner of most TV ads, and brochure sites were popping up left and right. As marketers quickly recognized the limitless marketing power of this amazing new channel, specialty … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Create Content Through Curation


As marketers are becoming publishers, the ongoing need for content is becoming more and more prevalent. Not only is there a need for more content, it has to be of value to your target reader. Talk about pressure! But some good news here - not all content has to be original. You can organize … [Read more...]

The {Awkward} Social Media ROI Conversation


Too good not to share! Have you had this conversation lately? Thanks to Scott Stratten from UNmarketing for making this! … [Read more...]

How to Become Customer-Centric {explained in 16 tweets}

customer journey map

I enjoyed today’s webinar from Vovici, What it Means to be Customer-Centric in 2012. Very relevant expertise from top customer experience experts Nancy Porte, VP of Customer Experience at Vovici and guest speaker Andrew McInnes, Analyst from Forrester Research, Inc. In case you missed it, here … [Read more...]

Which came first, the marketing idea or the technology to make it happen?

brainstorming marketing ideas

Technology is driving new and affordable marketing channels and subsequent marketing strategies than ever before. But which came first, the strategy or the channel? It’s not practical to blue-sky the ideation process if the technology to make it happen doesn’t yet exist. But should a company … [Read more...]